Telemedicine Mental Health Counseling for Adults

Our Teletherapy Intensive Treatment Programs are ideal for adults who are tired of struggling with the effects of mental health or substance abuse issues and who want to get back to living a happier life as soon as possible.  Our intensive teletherapy programs are designed to maximize the time spent with therapists during with week in order to minimize the overall time it takes to resolve the problems that you are struggling with.  Our programs are also designed to teach you the skills you need to manage problems in the future.  Treatment is completely individualized and focuses on the issues that matter most to you.  The adult programs serve adults 18 years of age and older.  Our adult programs specialize in helping adults overcome a variety of issues, including:

•    Depression
•    Anxiety
•    Panic Attacks
•    Suicidal Thoughts
•    Severe Stress
•    Obsessive Thoughts
•    Compulsive Behaviors
•    Trauma
•    PTSD
•    Addictions
•    Alcohol Abuse
•    Drug Abuse
•    Anger Issues
•    Low Self-Esteem
•    Bipolar Disorder

Teletherapy Partial Hospitalization Program for Adults

The Teletherapy Partial Hospitalization Program focuses on helping you resolve issues from a mind, body, and spiritual perspective.  Clients attend a variety of groups via telemedicine throughout the day and are provided ongoing case management.  All clients are evaluated by a psychiatrist and are provided medication management as needed.

Upon admission, the treatment team works with you to create a specific treatment plan that addresses those problems that are most important to you.  This highly focused approach is designed to allow you to make significant changes in the shortest amount of time possible.  In addition, if you are currently working with an outside therapist you can continue to work with that therapist during your treatment at New Dimensions.  This allows you to maximize the benefits of treatment while ensuring ongoing continuity of care

Teletherapy Intensive Outpatient Program for Adults

The Teletherapy Intensive Outpatient Program is a less intensive option to the Teletherapy Partial Hospitalization Program and is designed to help you continue to develop the skills you need to overcome the challenges of life.  While in this program, you will continue to work with your therapists and your psychiatrist to address those issues that matter most to you.  The Teletherapy Intensive Outpatient Program allows you the flexibility to be able to transition back to work, school, or other activities while still receiving support from the treatment team and from other group members

Telemedicine Substance Abuse Programs for Adults

The Teletherapy Substance Abuse Program for Adults is designed to help you develop the skills you need to manage life without using drugs and alcohol to cope.  The program is a 12-step based program which helps you develop a foundation of knowledge and support.  While in the program you will learn about the disease concept of addiction and about the effects that addiction has on mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual functioning.  You will also learn the relapse prevention skills you need in order to maintain a lasting sobriety.

The Teletherapy Substance Abuse Program is designed to maximize the opportunity to get clean and sober and to develop healthy relapse prevention skills.  Some of the areas that are covered in program include:
•    The Disease concept of chemical dependency.
•    The 12-steps and why they help.
•    Intensive focus on working steps 1 through 4.
•    Post-Acute Withdrawal 
•    Bio-psychosocial model of recovery
•    Refusal Skills
•    Relapse prevention skills
•    Understanding of the effects of substance abuse on the mind, body, and spirit.
•    Understanding the impact of addiction on relationships and the family.
•    The family roles in addiction.
•    How to deal with the “triggers” that lead to relapse.
•    Strategies to change both thoughts and behaviors associated with addiction.
•    Communication skills
•    Tools of how to find effective sponsors and to use support groups effectively.

New Dimensions Can Help!

If you live in Texas and are struggling with alcohol or drug abuse, New Dimensions’ Teletherapy Intensive Outpatient Treatment Programs can help you reclaim your life.  Our 12-step based teletherapy programs are designed to help you develop the skills you need to create lasting sobriety.  We can help you work through the baggage that addictions create so that you can live a meaningful authentic life.  To learn more about our teletherapy programs, contact us at 1-800-685-9796.

Our telehealth programs serve all of Texas, including Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, Lubbock, Amarillo, El Paso, San Antonio, Beaumont, Lufkin, Austin, Arlington, Corpus Christi, Plano, Laredo, Garland, Irving, Grand Prairie, McKinney, Frisco, Brownsville, Pasadena, Killeen, McAllen, Mesquite, Odessa, Midland, Denton, Waco, Carrollton, Round Rock, Abilene, Pearland, Richardson, College Station, Wichita Falls, Allen, San Angelo, Tyler, Lewisville, Edinburg, Bryan, Mission, Longview, Flower Mound, Conroe, New Braunfels, League City, Pearland, Cedar Park, and surrounding areas.